Displaying multiple dynamic images

Hello all

Glad to be one of the first posters on the forum!

I’m trying to display multiple images from an Airtable attachment field in Documint.

Have it working but they appear in a column. I’ve tried a few things but can’t get them to appear in a grid. 3 columns across and however many down. Is that possible? Any other tips for repeating images? I’m likely to have 6 to 10 per record


Hi Andrew! Thank you for adding a great topic that can help others.

We recommend using the chunk function, which would look like this:

{{$var "rows" ($chunk images 30}}

*Images would be the name of the list variable with all the images.

Create a section with 3 columns and loop the section over “rows”
Then set each of the background images for the columns to {{this.0.url}}, {{this.1.url}} , {{this.2.url}}

Hope this achieves the result you’re looking for !