How to add multiple records for one client, if applicable

I work for several different real estate agents and manage their transactions. What resource should I study to learn how to create one documint to summarize all their open file statuses? What would trigger adding duplicate records when they have more than one active record? TIA!

HI, @JamieFrazier Thanks for the question. I don’t think I’m understanding 100% what you are looking for and how you have your data structured. Seems like you may be using Airtable. All I would say is that in order to get the linked relationships between records you’ll need to use the looping function, here’s a video how to set that up How-Tos - Help Center so one record would have the relationships with linked records in other tables, which I think would get you somewhere similar to what you’d like to do. Hope that helps. If you wanted to talk through the specifics of your use case, please give a a shout in the support chat in the app. Cheers!