IMPORTANT - Airtable expiring links and Documint - How will if affect you?

As many of you will be aware, Airtable has changed its policy about being able to share URLs of attachments saved to an attachment field.

Airtable are making this change to increase security from their side. Here is [Airtable’s explanation]of the change.

If you are wondering if this will affect your Documint templates that are connected to Airtable.


Documint always fetches the latest Attachment URL from Airtable so we will never need to access expired links when you create your documents.

It should be said that technically speaking this would only have the potential of affecting the Generation Link (which it won’t :slight_smile: and more specifically documents shared through Documint using the Generation Link. For example when a user creates a document using the Generation Link and either clicks the “Share” button and copies the URL or copies the URL of the document from the address bar then sends it to someone.

As you know, Documint doesn’t store any documents so when a user views a document days later from a Documint Share URL what’s actually happening is Documint is checking Airtable to see if that document still exists on the record it attached it to. If it does, Documint will retrieve the current Attachment URL from Airtable and display that document. If it doesn’t, then it will show a “Document expired or was deleted” message. Because Documint always fetches the latest Attachment URL from Airtable it will be valid and not expired.

If you are storing your documents in Airtable and you share a URL from Airtable as you would with any other type of attachment, then you may run into this problem, but this would be an Airtable restriction, NOT a Documint one.

Hope that helps to clarify :slight_smile: